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If you have a UK Hip Hop/Rap Music Video or Track (on YouTube), that you would like to see featured on, please click the link at the bottom of this text, leading to our video submission form.


When filling out our video submissions form, please bear in mind the guidelines below to ensure your success.

This form is solely intended for submitting UK Hip Hop/Rap videos & songs (on YouTube) – Anything unrelated will just be deleted.

We do not endorse any form of racism/discrimination – If your video has any-thing that could be classed as racist or discriminative we don’t want to see it posted on our site, it will be deleted and your IP will be banned from our form.

We do not endorse copyright infringement – If you are posting the video on behalf of someone else please ensure you have the necessary rights to do so, we will remove any videos that appear to be in breach of copyright.

We will not tolerate spam – If you post anything that can be classed as spam/malware you will get your IP banned from our servers so save your time.

  • Please enter the name of the artist in the video you are posting. If the video features multiple artists please enter them in the following format: Artist 1 ft Artist 2 & Artist 3 – If more than three artists are involved in the release please label it as follows: Artist 1 ft Various Artists.
  • Enter the title of the video you are posting.
  • Add the Twitter name of the artist whose video you are posting. Please do so WITHOUT THE ‘@’ SYMBOL
  • Please use the drop-down menu to select the type of video you are posting. Please make sure you use the most fitting label as abusing the form will result in your post being removed.
  • Enter the YouTube or Vimeo link to the video you wish to post.
  • Enter some information about the video you are posting. To have a successful post it is best practice to include as much information as possible. What release is it from? What else has the artist released? How did the video come about? Where was it recorded? Who recorded it? You get the picture.
  • Enter some keywords that relate to your video (seperated by comma’s). Note: Try not to use generic terms in hope of more hits – be clear and specific to the video you are posting.