ShaoDow – Kung Fu Hustler [Album] [Buy Online] [@ShaoDowMusic]


Kung Fu Hustler coverProlific UK based rap artist, ShaoDow, has taken to the world of iTunes to release his seriously anticipated studio album, Kung Fu Hustler.

The album is available to buy online for the small fee of just £7.99 and features a whopping twenty one original tracks with features from the likes of Genesis Elijah and Zuby, to name a couple.

Kung Fu Hustler also features production from talented producers Zaheer and Phase 2, along with a load more quality beat makers and, also marks the release of ShaoDows own wireless headphones which, can be bought from this link.

We at Black Budget Entertainment recently took it upon ourselves to release an exclusive and in-depth review of the Kung Fu Hustler album by ShaoDow and you can view it on the link below.

Click to buy Kung Fu Hustler from iTunes

Click to read our review of Kung Fu Hustler

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