Leddie & Smoggy – Sorry We’re Late [Album] [Buy] [@LeddieAndSmoggy]


Leddie & Smoggy - Sorry We're Late
UK rap duo, Leddie & Smoggy, are back once again. This time the northern based double act are back with a brand new official album called, Sorry We’re Late. The in depth album features a strong sixteen tracks, including both artist’s individual verse from the popular Rapper Tag web series.

The album is available to buy online for the small fee of just £5, it is also available to buy on physical CD for the same price, be sure to check it out and let us know below if you decide to buy it!

Click here to buy Sorry We’re Late by Leddie & Smoggy
Click here to watch Leddie on Rappertag
Click here to watch Smoggy on Rappertag

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