Adam and Bones – Don’t Move [Album] [Guest Post] [Free DL] [@SherlockBones_]


Label: Rumbustious Records

Artist: Adam and Bones
(Adam The Rapper & Sherlock Bones)

Album Title: Don’t Move

Release Date: 29th April 2014



Adam and Bones – Harry’s Bar – Official Video:

Distribution: Free download from bandcamp

Press Download and Images
For reviews and press features download a copy here:
…or on/after 29/04/2014 go to the bandcamp. 

Press Release
Adam The Rapper; UK Slam Poetry Champion, Don’t Flop rap battle veteran and all round lyrical heavyweight, teams up with Running Punch and Rum Committee producer Sherlock Bones to create this mini epic of a free release on the newly established Rumbustious Records.

Backed by the haunting signature soundscape that is known of Bones, in this trip Adam flexes his wordplay muscles, laying down some of his best bars to date. The lyricism is dagger sharp with an underlying depth which is apparent even on the first listen.

The pair have had a busy couple of years putting out critically notable releases individually such as Adam and Cuth – The Letters EP and the endless amount of high quality releases Rum Committee surface with. This collaboration has had a lot noise around it since the plans were announced last August. It’s come around with great timing too, as the Rumbustious Records label is now officially in office after a back-catalogue of releases under the title.

Don’t Move is as engaging as you would expect from a high quality lyricist. From the opening ‘Harry’s Bar’ (the first video) and ‘Me And The Liquor’, a wave of rolling double bass tracks announce something more than your basic MPC button beats. Interludes help the album develop, sparking the introduction to ‘P45 SHIT’ and ‘Day Off’. Adam reels off bars like a page ripped from his shrink’s notebook. It’s on-point, and these tracks have real depth and diversity in composition. Moving into a more down tempo mood, the lush sound of ‘FOMO’ (fear of missing out) is a hypnotic embodyment of an all-nighter that is probably one of the highlights of the album. It tails into a high of the sinisterly dominant title track ‘Don’t Move’. Adam paints pictures with his words, dragging you through a movie-like heist that’s holds your attention through every breathless step. 

It’s dark, it’s captivating, it’s a free download – so go cop it now from:

Contact Details
Name: Dan Evans
Email: and
Phone: 07449900260

Click to download Don’t Move for free

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