UK Music Review: Ruthless & Redskull – The Archaeology Takeover


Ruthless & Redskull - The Archaeology TakeoverFor those of you who may not know already, Ruthless, is an underground UK Hip Hop emcee from; Watford, Hertfordshire, that specialises in dropping real life bars with a casual, easy listening flow.

Ruthless, once considered a lost soul, has been on a path to clear his conscience since the untimely demise of his father back in 2010. Since then, the main focus of this talented young emcee has been getting his music out to the masses, which, has lead him to come into contact with some of the UK Hip Hop underground’s biggest names in; Genesis Elijah, Red Skull, Dead Man Walkn, Ill Thought Process & many others.

Ruthless recently took the time to notify us at Black Budget Entertainment of his latest official release, Ruthless & Redskull – The Archaeology Takeover – a eight track EP featuring full production from the in-demand Red Skull and available for free download.

We at decided to review this EP which promises to be a banger, check out what we made of it and be sure to download the ‘Ruthless & Redskull – The Archaeology Takeover’ to get your own opinion!

Ruthless & Redskull’s ‘The Archaeology Takeover’ starts off with a bang, ‘Nothing Can Stop The Redskull’ really sets the tone for the release and gives you a clear idea of what Ruthless is all about as an emcee. 

From the off ‘The Archaeology Takeover’ features gripping flows with deep & hard hitting lyrics that any body can relate to – “Why am I questioning fate? im still here, people come and go, some take their own lives and loose touch with their soul” from Track 04 ‘Denial’. The whole EP has an eerily edgy vibe that keep’s the listener on alert, waiting for the next twist or turn. With that said the release is extremely consistent, each track
playing off one an other in harmony.

Overall I would honestly say that ‘The Archaeology Takeover’ is an EP that should have any slacking rappers quivering in their booths. With this release Ruthless demonstrates that he can construct quality bars like Nestle and deliver them like your local kebab shop. Needless to say, Redskull smashes the production throughout the whole EP – every beat matching the overall feel and progression of ‘The Archaeology Takeover’.

My personal favourite tracks are: Denial, Nothing Can Stop The Redskull & Sci Fi and I recommend anybody who likes to consider themselves a fan of Hip Hop downloads this album and supports a hard working, productive individual!

Click here to download ‘The Archaeology Takeover’ for free

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