UK Music Review: Joe Black ‘Realionaire’ **Free Download via Mediafire**


Joe Black is a street orientated UK rap artist from Islington, North London. He has become known for making music that the average person can relate to and dropping bars that keep the listener wanting more. It was way back in 1998 when Joe Black started to learn his trade, doing so over ‘Speed Garage’. Joe didn’t start to make hip hop music until the year 2000 when he was introduced to a group called ‘Real Gees‘, it was with the Real Gees that Joe Black found himself as an artist and his career has been going from strength to strength since then.

Joe Blacks most recent release ‘Realionaire‘ is a full length mixtape comprised of 23 tracks and a bonus track (his highly rated Fire In The Booth Freestyle). Joe Blacks ‘Realionaire‘ features mixing from UK based producer Show N Prove and appearances from Red Skull Beats, Boom Productions, Propane, Colours Miyagi, Squeeks, Benny Banks, Giggs and many more of UK hip hops biggest names.

Joe Blacks ‘Realionaire‘ is a mixtape that promises to be a real street banger that ‘your average joe’ (sorry for the pun) can relate to, the release has Joe Blacks trademark laid back and personal vibe plastered all over it which, no doubt will be what his fans have been itching for.

Its tracks like ‘Realionaire‘ ‘Not Enough‘ and ‘Not Guilty‘ that show you why Joe Black has been gaining such a large following up and down the country and the reputation of a deep lyricist with a personal flow.

Overall I would say that Joe Blacks ‘Realionaire‘ is a mixtape that definitely does the Islington rapper justice, showing his ability to write conscious lyrics and drop them with his own unique style. If i was to pick out a negative from Joe Blacks ‘Realionaire‘ I would have to say that the mixtape doesn’t display much diversity in terms of flows used but this could be down to the fact it is a free mixtape.

I would recommend Joe Blacks ‘Realionaire‘ to any body who is a fan of street hip hop and conscious lyrics so do and download it!


01. Intro (Prod. By Show N Prove)
02. Realionaire (Prod. By French Conexxion)
03. Next Up (Feat. Benny Banks) (Prod. By French Conexxion)
04. Black Hooligans (Feat. Wholagun & Propane) (Prod. By Boom Blast)
05. Johnny Part 2 (Prod. By Skuffy)
06. Music Is My Hustle (Prod. By Red Skull)
07. Real Nigga Muzik (Feat. G Money, Lam & Bungz) (Prod. By LG)
08. Day In, Day Out (Feat. Coops & Rexx) (Prod. By Show N Prove)
09. Not Enough (Prod. By Westy)
10. Get Money (Feat. Youngs Teflon) (Prod. By Okan)
11. Money, Power, Respect (Feat. Colours Miyagi) (Prod. By Red Skull)
12. DTA Interlude (Prod. By Abstrakt)
13. Live My Life (Feat. Mad Sam) (Prod. By Biggaman)
14. Not Guilty (Prod. By Westy)
15. Medacine (Feat. Barry Knight) (Prod. By Show N Prove)
16. In Between (Feat. Shimmer) (Prod. By Westy)
17. Hustlers (Feat. YTwo & Big Chess) (Prod. By Red Skull)
18. RNO Part 1 (Feat. Tallman, Zimbo, & Stardom) (Prod. By Triple B)
19. Fuck A Concept (Feat. Squeekz, Bungz, Hunt & Lam) (Prod. By Dego Brown)
20. Pandemonium (Feat. Bungz)
21. Shutdown (Feat. Giggs) (Prod. By Skuffy)
22. RNO Part 2 (Feat. Tallman, Kaz, Zimbo, Stardom & Pep-C)
23. Usual Suspects (Feat. Squeekz)
24. Easy Life (Feat. Squeekz & Benny Banks (Prod. By Westy)
25. BONUS TRACK – Fire In The Booth


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