UK Music Review: Haan & Sixth Sense – The Haanshake


Haanshake-Front-CoverFor anyone not in the know Haan and Sixth Sense are a producer/emcee combo hailing from London, England. Haan (the emcee), is a talented lyricist with an inane ability to spit with a flow and connect with the listener through his unique perspective and his positive/progressive approach to Hip Hop music. Sixth Sense (the producer) is a talented Hip Hop beat maker that uses a whole variation of noises, sounds & samples to make unique instrumentals that make you want to just nod your head until your neck snaps.

The Haanshake’ is their debut release which boasts 18 original tracks, features from Hertfordshire’s Ruthless and is available for free download.

When the mix-tape starts you instantly get an idea of what your in for, real hip hop. From start to finish ‘The Haanshake’ uses original beats with a DJ Premier vibe to accompany some insanely brilliant lyricism from Haan and Ruthless.

Through out the whole mix-tape I found my self reloading tracks, nodding my head and just generally getting into that Hip Hop trance where nothing in the world matters if it isn’t accompanied by a hard beat and a smooth flow.

My favourite tracks from ‘The Haanshake’ are ‘I Got A Feeling’, ‘Be Like You’, ‘Catching Up’ & ‘Wanting More’. All of them show the versatility in delivery and highlight the depths which Haans’ bars can reach.

Overall I would say that ‘The Haanshake’ is definitley one of the best mix-tapes I have heard in a few years, I would 100% recommend the release to any fans of UK Hip Hop, further more I would just recommend it, go download it!

Click here to download ‘The Haanshake’ for free

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