UK Music Review: Enlish ‘The Sunny EP’ **Free Download via Bandcamp**


Underground UK hip hop emcee Enlish has been mega productive as of late, dropping his ‘Cold Lazarus‘ LP, the ‘Arrogance is Bliss’ single and even participating in his first Dont Flop rap battle for a little while, all gaining a warm response.

Following up on these momentous past couple of months Enlish has opted to release his latest project entitled ‘The Sunny EP‘ – an EP dedicated to the summer sun that “all but deserted us this year“.

From start to finish Enlish‘s conceptual release ‘The Sunny EP‘ is a solid release with a laid back vibe that will make you zone out like a hypnotist. The EP comprises 7 original tracks with features from Verb T, Dr Syntax and more.

All the tracks on Enlish’s ‘The Sunny EP‘ fit the concept perfectly and I would have no problem banging out this EP while kicking back on a beach in the blistering sun. My favorite tracks from the release are ‘Gold‘, ‘We Go‘ and ‘A Hard Days Work‘ – in my opinion these three tracks illustrate the warm bright picture I think Enlish was going for.

Overall I think that Enlish’s ‘The Sunny EP‘ is nothing less than a breath of fresh air. The release is perfectly timed for the summer capturing the essence of a chilled day at the beach and I recommend it to any fan of good music.


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