UK Hip Hop Review – Sami Switch ‘Carpe Diem’ (FREE DOWNLOAD)


For those that dont know Sami Switch is a talented UK hip hop mc from just outside of the nations capital, Reading. Sami has been claiming a name recently, getting a bit of a buz in the build up to his mixtape, Carpe Diem’s release.

The mixtape is a solid one at that with Sami pulling in some high profile features, the most noteable being up and coming UK hip hop mc Mic Righteous on the second track ‘Introduction’.

With this release Sami displays a clear ability to write well thought out lyrics and deliver them like the Royal Mail but he does display a slight lack in the chorus department, opting for auto tuned, poorly sung or featured hooks the majority of the time.

Overall I would say that Sami Switch’s ‘Carpe Diem’ is definately worth your time. The release has 13 original tracks and Sami Switch demonstrates a clear ability to construct meaningful lyrics, I feel that with a little work on his hooks Sami could go far in the hip hop scene.


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