UK Hip Hop Review – Big Cakes ‘Blue Cheese’


Big Cakes is an up and coming UK hip hop MC hailing from east of London. He has been forging a career in the UK hip hop scene, and making a name for himself as a highly motivated, passionate and deep lyricist with a unique, distinctive style.

To date the East London MC has released numerous mixtapes, EPs, and the album S.K.I.M, which is available on iTunes and was released in 2007. I am going to be reviewing Big Cakes’ latest full length release, Blue Cheese.

The album boasts 14 original tracks and features the likes of Mike GLC, Kyza Smirnoff and Don Strapzy, to name a few, and was released through iTunes on May 15, 2011.

Big Cakes’ Blue Cheese is one of few UK hip hop albums that actually has a personal touch, and it feels like you’re really listening to the artist’s true thoughts and feelings as opposed to the negative, generic stereotypes such a large chunk of the scene still uses.

Tracks like ‘Pengaleng’, ‘On the Roads’, ‘Fresh’, ‘Work’, and ‘Uprising’ display the diversity in Big Cakes’ flow and content matter; he is more than capable of riding any type of beat. If I was forced to find a negative in the release I would have to say that, honestly, there are a few to many features for a ‘solo album’, I say this as Big Cakes is clearly able to hold down a track on his own. This is proven on my personal favourite track from the album, ‘Lets Get Some’.

Overall, Big Cakes’ Blue Cheese is a strong release that is more than worth every penny of the £7.99 price tag, and any true fan of underground UK hip hop and real lyricism should give this a listen!

Article first published as Music Review: Big Cakes – Blue Cheese on Blogcritics – By Us.

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