UK Hip Hop Review – Benny Banks ‘Patiently Waiting Vol 1’


Up and coming UK rapper Benny Banks (Benjamin O’Leary) has recently been making a name for himself on the underground UK hip hop scene. Known for making ‘street’ music with lyrics that depict the harsh environment of London’s gritty council estates, the Islington (North London) born rapper has been going from strength to strength and with the release of his first full length mixtape Patiently Waiting Vol 1 gaining over 2000 downloads in 12 hours I thought it was only right to give you my two pence.

To be honest Benny Banks’s Patiently Waiting Vol 1 surprised me from the second I pressed play. Already aware of the buzz surrounding the Islington rapper but having not heard much diversity from him prior to this release, I was of the opinion it would just be your average bog standard release featuring a load of hyped up tracks about gang banging and self pity.

On certain tracks from this release Benny Banks has tried to break away from the cliche ‘gang banger’ style of rap which he previously favoured. He tries to broaden his horizons with tracks like ‘No Advice’, where he tries to deglamourize the gritty life that a lot of rap artists try to highlight, himself normally one of them.

With that said, there are some tracks on the UK rapper’s mixtape which show that he is still the same old Benny from the block but to be fair that is expected as nobody is going to completely change over night.

Overall I think that UK rapper Benny Banks’s Patiently Waiting Vol 1 mixtape definitely displays a degree of progression for the Islington MC but whether it will continue is another matter. Tracks like ‘No Advice’, ‘Watching Me’, ‘Trapped in The Life’, and ‘My Past’ show that the UK rap artist is evolving as an MC and that there is more to him than just some youth on a hype. I would recommend any fan of UK rap music to go and download it, it’s free, so what’s the harm?


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