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Independent, London-based hip hop artist, Theme, has been gaining momentum in recent times, going from, joining the E & Daniels collective movement to, being invited to drop an exclusive verse for the brand new Fire In The Streets web series by Charlie Sloth.

Capitalizing on his recent increase in stature and, in an attempt to keep the ball rolling, Theme has taken to his online Bandcamp page to release a brand new EP called, Thorough Bred.

Never being one to rest on his laurels, Theme, has also informed us that he is already working on his next project with exclusive production from the famed Harry Love.

The Thorough Bred EP comes fresh off the back of a somewhat high profile ‘shout-out’ from UK hip hop legend, Chester P, who, recommended Theme to Charlie Sloth for his Fire In the Street freestyle video (mentioned earlier).

During the build up to the release of Thorough Bred, Theme has also taken the time to employ UK hip hop media broadcaster’s, Escape Route Media, to record the official music video for the featured track, Reppin’.

The brand new EP by Theme is aimed further cementing his place in the UK Hip Hop scene as a top emcee with a raw flow and un-censored lyrics, it features six completely original tracks and production from the likes of Micall Parknsun, along with others.

To The Review…

Theme’s brand new Thorough Bred EP starts off exactly how you’d expect a relentless emcee to start a project – with solid bars and catchy flows – The tone of the EP is set from the second you press play and Theme’s delivery is consistent throughout the play-time.

All the beats picked on the Thorough Bred EP carry a ‘traditional hip hop’ feel while still managing to carry their own unique vibe and sound. Upon listening to the project it is easy to see that Theme is an artist that knows what his musical style is and how to execute it.

While it wasn’t released strictly as a conceptual project, Theme’s Thorough Bred EP still seems to manage to hold a resounding undertone of ‘rawness’ on every track featured.

My personal favourite tracks from the Thorough Bred EP by UK hip hop artist Theme, are; Dead Man Talking and Reppin. Both of the tracks I’ve selected for differing reasons, although, both tracks do contain a high level of lyricism from Theme.

On Dead Man Talking, I feel that Theme has done a brilliant job of introducing the release ‘with a bang’. Everything about the track shouts “introduction” from, the heavy and ‘in your face’ instrumental to, the raw, untainted flow of Theme.

With Reppin I personally agree with a lot of what Theme says in his lyrics and think the eery strings on the instrumental compliment his raw and aggressive flow perfectly.

If forced to highlight a negative about the Thorough Bred EP by Theme, I would have to say that there isn’t much diversity on the release, but, there is only six tracks on it, to be fair.

The highlights of the release obvious for anyone to see – creative flows with precise delivery, complimented by clever lyrics and fitting instrumentals.

To conclude, I would suggest that fans of ‘raw’ and aggressive flows, paired with honest lyrics and solid instrumentals go and buy this release. Available for only £2 from Bandcamp, its a steal!

Click to buy the Thorough Bred EP by Theme

Review by Just P

Twitter: @JustPUK

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