Review of “What’s Going On” by Potent Whisper


Independent UK hip hop artist and BRIT school graduate, Potent Whisper, has put down the mic for a brief minute and decided to try his hand at writing a short film.

The three minute visual is called What’s Going On? and has allowed Potent to expand on his writing style, putting his theatrical studies into practice.

It has been recorded and released in collaboration with respected UK hip hop broadcaster Global Faction and, comes just weeks after the opening of their spoken word series.

What’s Going On is set out as a comedy skit which sees its main character rebuttal a couple of well used sayings/greetings with literal and somewhat sarcastic rhymes, ending with a shot of a police officer who looks like his mind has been plastered all over the insides of his cranium.

The rhyming schemes and lyrics used in the film are well thought out and, in my opinion, are more thought provoking than laugh out loud funny. Further-more, I don’t think that I would class it as a comedy per se. Yes, the style of rhyming and facial expressions used could push it into that category but, I do feel there are more serious undertones which might be ignored due to the comedy label.

Overall I would honestly say it is a strong release, especially when you consider the fact that it is an independent project and that it is Potent’s debut film. It does come across as more of a structured music video than a short film and I wouldn’t say it was funny, but, that doesn’t mean its not good.

I’d definitely recommend watching it to anyone who is interested in short and independent films, especially those who are fans of the Hip Hop genre, so yeh, well made film with clever lyrics and clear delivery, just not really a laugh out loud comedy.

Article by Just P

Twitter: @JustPUK

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