Pre Order Vinnie Paz’s ‘Carry On Tradition’ EP [News] [US] [@Vinnie_Paz]



On the 28th of October 2013, respected US hip hop veteran Vinnie Paz will be taking to the online world to release his latest official project. The project comes in the form of a completely original EP named, Carry On Tradition.

The EP will be available to buy from just £5.99 from the official iTunes and will be boasting a healthy eight tracks with features from the likes of Scott Stallone and Yes Alexander, among others.

Carry On Tradition is also set to feature the latest official single from Vinnie Paz, Is Happiness Just A Word? which, has an accompanying video below.

Click here to pre order Carry On Tradition on iTunes
Click here to pre order Carry On Tradition on vinyl from Amazon
Click here to watch Is Happiness Just A Word?

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