Pre-Order ShaoDow’s ‘Kung Fu Hustler’ Album [News] [@ShaoDowMusic]


Kung Fu Hustler coverIndependent London based rap artist, ShaoDow, has been hard on his graft (as usual) working towards the release of his latest official album, Kung Fu Hustler, due on 21st October 2013.

The highly anticipated release is set to be made available from the popular iTunes store for the small fee of just £7.99, but, if you pre-order now you can get it for just £6!

The album is accompanied by the release of ShaoDows very own branded DiY Gang wireless headphones, and a social media competition running as we speak!

The competition will see one lucky fan recieve a brand new pair pf DiY Gang Headphones absolutely free of charge, all you have to do for your chance to win is send a screen shot of your pre-order of Kung Fu Huslter to ShaoDow!

As a sneaky little teaser for everyone who’s anticipating the album, we at Black Budget have decided to provide you all with a glimpse at the tracklisting for Kung Fu Hustler. Check it out and pre order the album below.

Click to pre order Kung Fu Hustler

Track listing:

1. Kung Fu Hustler Intro – Produced by Mr SnoWman
2. Independent Power ft. Bartoven – Produced by L Momrelle
3. Y&P – Produced by Phase 2
4. One Man Army – Produced by Phase 2
5. Hustle Smart – Produced by Phase 2
6. Liar – Produced by Zaheer
7. Why My Brother? – Produced by Phase 2
8. TTYL – Produced by Zaheer
9. Can You Help Me? – Produced by Chris Rogers
10. What That’s Like ft. Sam Harrison – Produced by Sam Harrison
11. Leap Of Faith – Produced by Chris Rogers
12. The ShaoDow In A Box (skit)
13. Shaolin Mode – Produced by Trigger
14. GAS MARK 10!!! – Produced by Phase 2
15. I Does This ft. KK – Produced by Kid Kong
16. Stand and Deliver ft. Stylah & Smartz – Produced by Zaheer
17. Biggest Threat ft. Zuby – Produced by Phase 2
18. Assemble ft. Abiade, Rukus, Swami Baracus & Genesis Elijah – Produced by Zaheer
19. Mile In My Shoes ft. Sam Harrison – Produced by Phase 2
20. Bumper ft. Serocee – Produced by Phase 2
21. Dreams Into Schemes ft. Mister Smith, MC Fixer & Adam Crook – Prod. by Flowlosopha

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