Pre Order Marshal Mathers LP 2 ‘MMLP2’ by Eminem [News] [US] [@Eminem]


As we at Black Budget are sure most people even remotely involved with Hip Hop are aware, on the 5th November 2013 US hip hop legend, Eminem, will be taking to stores worldwide to release his latest album Marshall Mather LP 2 (MMLP2).

The highly anticipated follow up to Eminem’s earlier album of the same is set to feature his latest popular single, Berzerk, along with what will surely be a load more popular tracks.

MMLP2 comes after a recent onslaught of new material and a somewhat new found passion for making music. We have included a link to pre order the album below along with a link to Eminem’s latest track, Rap God

Click here to pre-order MMLP2 on Amazon
Click to listen to Rap God

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