Klashnekoff – FTLT (F*ck The Long Talk) [Review] [@Klashnekoff @BlackBudget]


On August 27th 2012, respected UK Hip Hop artist, Klashnekoff, took to the digital charts after releasing his latest official mixtape, FTLT (F*ck The Long Talk), which is made up of 18 original tracks (including skits) and production from some of the games most talented producers.

For those of you that have been hiding under a rock for the past 10 years, Klashnekoff, is a legendary UK Hip Hop emcee from East London, revered by his peers for spitting hard hitting lyrics with deadly flows.

He was first propelled to the top of the UK rap scene in 2004 when he dropped his debut album, The Sagas Of…., which featured the classic street anthem, Murder, which was produced by Harry Love.

This was followed by; Focus Mode 2005 (mixtape), Lionheart: Tussle with the Beast 2007 (album), Back To The Sagas 2010 (album) and a shed load of guest appearances between.

After a short hiatus, and speculation of his retirement from UK Hip Hop, in 2012, Klashnekoff, took to his social networking sites to announce his latest mix-tape FTLT and released an official video for one of the featured tracks, Clear My Throat Freestyle, which boasts a pre written freestyle over a DJ Kool beat.

The highly anticipated mix-tape, FTLT, promises to be a breath of fresh air in the UK rap scene, while reminding everyone why K-Lash attained the strong following and respect he has.

On FTLT, Klashnekoff wastes no time in letting the listener know what he is about. The mix-tape starts with an introduction that features a slamming beat which quickly fades into the first full track, Dat Time, produced by Beat Butcha.

The track Dat Time is one that will instantly give longstanding fans of K-Lash the fix they expected when buying the mix-tape. As usual, he absolutely smashes the beat, which is a banger that you can’t help but to nod your head to.

From that point on, as you’d expect, its nothing but honest, well thought lyrics, delivered via a plethora of captivating flows and suiting beats, with a few, well placed comical skits and an appearance from ‘The FunkyDJ Meloss.

If I was forced to pick out my five favourite tracks from FTLT, as hard as it is to decide, I would have to go with; Dat Time, Got To Be Right, Life In Bits, Cause & Effect Freestyle & Heed My Word, respectively.

My reasons for choosing the mentioned tracks are; the simple fact that they remind me of the days when I first ever heard Klash spit a bar, the relevant and well delivered content matter, and his selection of perfectly fitting beats.

With that said, I do feel the need to emphasize the fact that selecting the five tracks named was no easy task. In my honest opinion the whole mix-tape is pure hip hop gold, and has a wide variety of tracks that should cater to the needs of all hip hop fans.

For me, finding negatives with FTLT is an almost impossible task, however, if pressed on the issue I would say that the hook on Brand New Day could be turned down a decibel or so, as it sounds a touch overpowering.

Other then that the only thing I could mention is: I would of liked In At Deep End to be longer, as the verse that Klash gives us is straight up fire.

Overall, Klashenkoff’s latest mix-tape, FTLT (F*ck The Long Talk), is by far the best release I have heard this year, and the fact it managed to reach the number one spot in the Amazon charts says it all.

Dedicated fans of Klashnekoff will be excited to know that he has managed to maintain the high standard of lyricism and catchy flows, that propelled him to the top of the UK scene all them years ago, while first time listeners will be wondering why it took them so long to find out about him.

To conclude, anyone who is even remotely interested in Hip Hop music needs to go and buy this mix-tape, you will not be disappointed!

Click here to buy FTLT from Amazon

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