Haan & Sixth Sense – Bless The Dead EP [Review]


haan & sixth Sense - bless the dead epUnderground UK Hip Hop emcee/producer duo, Haan & Sixth Sense, are back again with another free release for all you true Hip Hop heads out there to feast your ears on, an EP called: ‘Bless The Dead EP‘.

To fill you in, Haan (Emcee) and Sixth Sense (Producer) are a London based Hip Hop duo that focus on delivering thought provoking music, with a real meaning and gritty feel. While Haan focuses on delivering well constructed bars with a catchy flow, with his beats, Sixth Sense provides the perfect podium for them to be presented.

The duo’s latest release: ‘Bless The Dead EP‘, is another free release EP, this time consisting of 12 completely original tracks and features from; Raggo Zulu Rebel, Pro P, Phoenix Da Ice Fire and others.

Within the first few seconds of listening to Haan & Sixth Sense’s ‘Bless The Dead EP‘ I found myself nodding my head uncontrollably to the heavy beat Sixth Sense lays down, and intelligent bars Haan drops on the introducing track, ‘What Goes Up‘. This track sets the tone for the EP which is like a story that progresses as it plays out.

Throughout the run-time of this release I found my self replaying tracks and just zoning out to the intricate flows created by the talented Haan, and the aptly fitting beats produced by the array of beat makers featured on what can only be classed as a ‘must download’ EP.

My personal favourite tracks from the ‘Bless The Dead EP‘ are; ‘What Goes Up‘, ‘Why‘, ‘Come For You‘, ‘Back To Africa‘ and ‘Are You Afraid‘ – in my opinion these tracks all demonstrate a versatility in Haan’s ability to emcee, and highlight his ear for beats, which I think is as important for an emcee as being able to write bars.

If I was forced to emphasize a specific negative point in the release, I would have to say it is the hook on: ‘Move On‘ – I don’t think that Haan’s voice suits what he was trying to do with it, and that it takes away from an other wise perfect track.

To conclude, Haan & Sixth Sense’ ‘Bless The Dead EP‘ is another banger of an EP that will not disappoint anybody looking for some fresh UK Hip Hop. Fans of the duo will know exactly what to expect already and anyone unaware of Haan & Sixth Sense will certainly know who they are after listening.

Click here to download ‘Bless The Dead EP’ for free

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