Giggs Apparently Arrested & In Prison [Rumour]


On Thursday 16th February 2012, members of the urban music forum started a conversation with the topic “Giggs in jail apparently” where one member in the online community simply posted a link to a Tweet by fellow UK Rap artist @YoungAdzTL stating: “My dad just rang me from da jail & said dat Giggs just came in da bins yday lol feds grabbing all da rappers!”

Shortly after posting the informing Tweet, @YoungAdzTL decided to remove it from his timeline which is fueling speculation that this is just a rouse, although the man in question – Giggs, hasn’t actually Tweeted from his personal account since February 9th 2012

Although we at Black Budget Ent think that this is probably someone getting the wrong end of the stick, we decided to check the legitimacy of the rumour, which is still unknown – even after hours of scowling Google for some actual evidence that wasn’t just word of mouth. So, for now, all we have is this screen dump of the informing Tweet…..

giggs in prison?

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