Ghostface Killah to Have Huge 2015 [Editorial]


Editorial on Ghostface Killah and What to Expect in 2015

Here we have an exclusive article looking at the future possibilities and plans for US hip hop legend, Ghostface Killah. It looks at the possibility of him opening his own poker website and his future releases.

Is it possible to be quietly prolific? If so, that sentiment absolutely applies to Ghostface Killah, the Wu-Tang Clan member who’s releasing and announcing projects at a ridiculously rapid pace. In addition to his latest album—the conceptual 36 Seasons—the rapper also appeared throughout the Clan’s reunion album, A Better Tomorrow. With that kind of work under his belt, you would assume the guy would take some time off, right? Wrong, because it looks like 2015 may be his busiest year to date.

To get things started, let’s begin with the albums we know he’ll release for sure, as he’s previewed them in some capacity. First, there’s Sour Soul, his collaborative project with Toronto-based jazz-rap outfit BADBADNOTGOOD. It’s due out Feb. 17, boasts lead singles “Six Degrees” and “Gunshowers,” and includes guest features from Elzhi, Danny Brown, Tree, and DOOM. Speaking of DOOM, it appears that he and Ghostface are finally set to drop their own collaborative album. According to FACT, their beyond-anticipated DOOMSTARKS effort is coming in the new year. Of course, it would be better if they had a proper release date in mind, but we’ll take his word for it.

Not to be overshadowed is Ghostface’s second collaborative album with Lox/D-Block member Sheek Louch. You may recall that the two joined forces back in 2012 to lead the way on a features-heavy album, Wu-Block. Well, the followup, Hidden Gems, is due out Jan. 20 and off to a gritty start with the track “Wu Block Biznez.” And just like its predecessor, this record will contain plenty of guest rhymes from Wu-Tang and D-Block affiliates, such as GZA, Jadakiss, and Masta Killa.

The thing is, being prolific doesn’t necessarily mean anything if the work being released isn’t up to snuff. Well, we don’t have to worry about that with Ghostface, as he’s been on a roll that’s hardly slowed down since 2006’s phenomenal Fishscale. While one can argue that a few of the following albums have been lackluster, Ghostface on his weaker days is still better than most MCs. And yes, that even goes for his R&B-centric Ghostdini, which admittedly flopped in 2009.

A big reason for his resurgence and consistency is that he’s focused. During the early-to-mid aughts—aka before Fishscale—Ghostface was spreading himself too thin. In addition to recording and releasing music, he was making film cameos (Hunter Dawson, Fade to Black) and even showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit.

According to Uncut, the rapper launched his own poker site back in the mid-2000s. It was not an unprecedented move, as Ja Rule did the same, though it didn’t pan out as planned. You can blame the legal system for that, but it at least didn’t put an end to the game itself. Other platforms maintained and have grown in the years since the boom-turned-legal headache. Betting/gaming hub Betfair has done so by collaborating with both casinos in the U.S. (where legal, of course) and poker tournament companies (such as the World Series of Poker). And if you visit the site, you’ll see that they have sustained on a consistent basis, with around 10,000 players taking to their virtual tables at any given time of day.

Perhaps Ghostface can attempt to revitalize this part of his entrepreneurial side once he hits a creative slump—if that ever happens, of course. We’ll have to wait and see how he performs in 2015 before we can ask him to branch out a bit, because it’s difficult to not be excited about Sour Soul after hearing “Gunshowers.” You can listen to it below.

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