Genesis Elijah – I Aint Even Charging Bruv 2 [Review] [@GenesisElijah]


As I’m sure all devoted UK hip hop fans are aware, highly respected UK hip hop artist Genesis Elijah recently took to the official bandcamp page of leading UK urban broadcaster, SB.TV, to release his brand new mixtape I Aint Even Charging Bruv 2, which is a sequel to his previous EP of the same name.

For those who have been hiding under a rock for the past few years, Genesis Elijah, is a London born UK emcee who’s pure dedication and hard hitting lyrics have gained the recognition and respect of all the biggest names in the UK hip hop scene. He is also the founder of a growing broadcasting company/record label, Escape Route Music, spending his free time recording and editing music videos for fellow hip hop artists.

To the Review!

As mentioned above, Gens new release I Aint Even Charging Bruv 2 is a sequel to his free download EP of the same name that was released in May 2011. It features 7 completely original tracks that include the well received singles Underground King and What I’m On, both of which have well received music videos, What I’m On being featured on the prolific SB.TV YouTube channel.

The latest release by Genesis Elijah, I Aint Even Charging Bruv 2, wastes no time in getting to the point, the first track being the powerful Underground King which features production from Pastor Dutchie and really sets the tone for the rest of the release – the vacantly eerie beat combined with Gens aggressive voice and flow make a perfect pairing, letting the listener know what this mixtape is all about, real lyrics over head-nodding beats.

Following Underground King is the next single with a music video, What I’m On (produced by Beezwax) which allows for a smooth transition between tracks, its almost as if the two tracks were made to be played one after the other.

The electric synth’s in the instrumental for What I’m On make for a pleasant change in the mood of the release, while the content of the song is almost as if it is the second half of Underground King.

From then on the mixtape shows a steady rate of progression, each new track following on from where the previous one left off, giving the release the feel of a well planned and executed official album, with every single track and lyrics’ position being carefully picked for maximum continuity.

While tracks like Yuck (Produced by Dead Man Walkn) and Underground King (Produced by Pastor Dutchie) demonstrate the innate ability for making hardcore, underground classics that Gen possesses, songs like Army (Produced by Sibling Jointz), Alive ft Context and Well Red (Produced by Nutty P) and Coming Up ft Pyro Barz and Dream Mclean (Produced by Hirolla), exhibit the versatility this talented emcee is bringing to the table, proving that he can make music that would be accepted on the mainstream market.

Overall I would say that I Aint Even Charging Bruv 2 is a mixtape that every hip hop fan on the planet needs to be copping, the free download mixtape shows a clear level of progression from the fully independent emcee and after listening to it constantly for the past three days I can honestly say that 2013 is looking promising for Genesis Elijah.

CLick here to download I Aint Even Charging Bruv 2 for free

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