Fuesze and K Koke ‘Beefing’ on The Infamous Twitter [Rumour] [@BlackBudget]


On 4th September 2013, UK rap artists: K Koke and Fuesze, started laying into each other using the infamous social networking site, Twitter.

The pairs online beef began when Fuesze responded to a Tweet from @CruddySneeky which stated that K Kokes long term friend and fellow member of USG, Lefty, was a snitch in real life, comparing him to the character he played on the popular UK drama, Top Boy.

Fuesze’ rather offensive response mentioned Lefty’s dead mother while co-signing @CruddySneeky’s about him being a snitch, also adding he would love to see him face to face.

This all caused a Stonebridge born rapper, K Koke, to respond by stating that Fuesze was in fact a snitch, causing a merry go round of insults between the two artists which, abruptly ended with Koke saying he would block Fuesze and release proof of his snitchery.

At this point ‏@bigfrenchateam1 decided to get in on the beef, backing up K Koke and having a minor spat of his own with the prolific Fuesze.

What the outcome of this will be, we don’t know, nor do we know what proof Koke seems to have on Fuesze, what ever the case we will keep you updated. Tweets embedded below.

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