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Edward Scissortongue is another talented UK hip hop artist signed to the popular High Focus Records label who, prides himself on being completely unique and disregarding the ‘shoulds and should nots’ of life.

Self-admittedly suffering from a ‘cocktail of personality disorders’ he classes himself as somewhat of an oddball and tries to use this to his advantage when creating his own unadulterated style of music.

Since releasing his first critically acclaimed album back in 2012 (Better Luck Next Life), Edward Scissortongue has taken on several new projects which would appear to be ready for release throughout 2014.

First in the line of anticipated releases from the UK emcee is The Theremin EP, which, will be followed by a joint venture with Jam Baxter and Ghosttown, called, Laminated Cakes.

The The Theremin EP by Edward Scissortongue is the latest offering from the High Focus camp and aimed at being “a project that further purges the depths of the human condition and expands upon what it means to ‘exist’“.

With such a strong statement it is fair to say that the highly looked for release is going to offer something a little different for hip hop fans to mull over, examining the more ‘morbid’ sides of Edward Scissortongue’s vivid imagination.

The brand new EP from Ed is being released as a conceptual release which is aimed at being a piece of music that “fluxes and shifts in-and-around one overriding thematic” without a “beginning, middle or end point” – everything to do with the release from, the imagery to, PR & videos, has been inspired by this resounding focal point.


To the review…

Since noticing that the press release to Edward Scissortongue’s The Teremin EP said it didn’t have a “beginning, middle or end”, I’ve been trying to think of way to start this review without saying that it ‘starts’ or ‘begins’ with the trance inducing instrumental track, Take Readings, but there really is no way around it. Deal with it.

As mentioned in the paragraph above, from the off this EP really does live up to the expectations regarding its originality and creativity. The choice of progressive and somewhat lo-fi instrumentals creates a genuinely unique sound which, is evident right the way through the release.

The Theremin EP also features a fitting choice of innovative flows and inspired lyrics to accommodate the levels set by the quality production of the project. During the run-time of the EP, Edward Scissortongue switches up his style of delivery and flow numerous times, but, manages to keep a concurrent and resounding theme/vibe throughout.

Upon listening to the release for the fifth or sixth time I feel that it is safe to say that, Edward Scissortongue is an artist in every sense of the word. Being someone that is happy to describe himself as someone who is “wading through his very own home-made universe” shows through his unorthodox style and, more specifically, through his latest offering, The Theremin EP.

Another positive aspect of Edward Scissortongue’s latest release is the fact that he hasn’t felt the need to call on a load of guest features. This is especially beneficial when considering the overall concept of the release which, is meant to be a reflection of his own, interpretation of the world and his imagination.

In no particular order, my favourite tracks from The Theremin EP, are; The Wipeout Soundtrack and The Calculator.

Though my reasons for picking the two mentioned tracks individually differ, as a whole, I like the fact that they are pretty much polar opposites – one has a somewhat comatose vibe and flow while the other has a more off-key vibe and fast paced flow – this clearly highlights different sides to Edward Scissortongue’s persona and a versatility with his ability.

“Ask a stupid question and get a stupid answer” – From The Calculator.

If forced to give you a negative about Edward Scissortongue’s The Theremin EP, the only thing I could really say to you is that there isn’t much variation between the tracks, but, saying that, it is a seven track conceptual EP.

The fact that he executed and stuck to the concept by far outweighs a need for a load of songs with different styles of production and, the lack of variation actually helps to add a residing theme throughout the release so I guess it actually isn’t that bad of a thing.

Overall I would have to say that The Theremin EP is a strong release from the reputable High Focus Records and, is one that successfully achieves its targets set out in the press release (portray the many ‘oddball’ persona’s of Edward Scissortongue).

Any fans of horror-core hip hop music and trippy instrumental’s, combined with unadulterated flows and somewhat ‘stream of consciousness’ lyrics will definitely not want to miss up on this release.

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