Cheekie Bugga on His Influences, New Mixtape & More [Interview] [@CheekieBugga]


For those of you that may not be in the know, Cheekie Bugga, is an underground UK Rap artist hailing from South London, Peckham. He spent his early years ‘clashing’ other emcees in the school playground and now is a growing rapper that has performed live in many venues across London.

We decided to link up with him for a brief interview about his latest official mixtape. Check it out and discuss below.

Tell us a little bit about yourself

Born 27th December 1983, raised and grew up in Peckham, or shall I say Pecknarm!
It all started when I was 14 having sessions at friend’s houses spitting lyrics over jungle music. I was that kid, formerly known as Darker, clashing other mc’s in playgrounds of Warwick Park School to the student common rooms of Hammersmith and West London College trying to make a name for myself. Alongside friend’s swift-le, Jaygo and Bluzey, we were known as the L.M.S crew. Holding a permanent slot on Flashback 97.6 Fm we often made guest appearances on other radio stations such as Freak FM, Supreme FM and Raw mission etc. L.M.S became one of South London’s biggest groups having performed in clubs all over London and other parts of the U.K, clubs such as SE1 Club, Stratford Rex, Temple, Bagley’s Film Studios, Imperial Gardens, EQ, Palace Pavilion, the list goes on. Working with the likes of some big producers such as Sticky and Michael Asante (Mikey j) and we were one of the first from South London to do a set with Dizzee Rascal and Wiley. Then having being together after so many years we split and went our separate ways as different members of the group wanted different things and that’s when I got myself a permanent job.


I took about 10 Years out as I had a bit of a writers block and had no inspiration to write music. After meeting various people through different retail jobs that had knowledge in the music industry and with underground urban acts starting to breakthrough the mainstream I got on it again and started writing, Cheekie Bugga came to life!

What made you choose the name?

I got the name Featuring Cheekie Bugga when I was listening to different tracks on radio that I liked that featured other rappers. I asked myself, what would it sound like if I featured on the track instead of them. The rest is history!


What, if any, are the main influences for you when writing your music?

The streets and life in general both play a very important part in my music. I write about what’s happening around the world, what’s happening in my life and the fight to get through the door…If you know what I mean!

What is the main theme behind your current release?

I just want to show people how I can take rap to another level with my hyper vocal tone and witty lyrics stretching the boundaries of both its sound and shape to create my own infectious style.

How long have you been working on your current project?

I can write a verse in a few minutes, but then I go over it to polish it up, changing words and creating a different flow. So the answer is very quickly. It took about a month to write all 11 tracks to finishing them in the studio. It’s the mixing and mastering that took a while as the guy who I wanted to get them sounding right was busy travelling the world making music for major artists.

Have you performed at many live shows and what kind of reaction did you get?

I performed at BBC Radio 1’s Hackney Weekend back in June 2012. It was an amazing experience and I was very grateful to have been offered the opportunity. I saw rapper Sway in a petrol station a few weeks before and told him the news, he told me that so many of his friends were trying to get a slot on stage but they were unsuccessful. I felt privileged!
After performing five of my own tracks the reaction from the crowed was crazy. I definitely made an impact as my phone didn’t stop vibrating in my pocket which I later on found out that I had many new followers on twitter and tweets about my performance. A week later I was sent a link by a fan to an article written by The Guardian highlighting the Highlights of The Hackney weekend and they mentioned me out of everyone that played on the Introducing stage. It was nuts!

Have you been on any live radio shows and what do you prefer radio or live on stage?

To be honest I love both. Radio is a very good way of getting your music heard by people who love, support and buy music. That’s your main audience.
Live shows are also great because you have the chance to show people face to face what you can do and show them what you’re capable of. It’s a great way to interact with your potential fans and network with people in the industry.

Have you featured on any other UK Hip Hop artist’s tracks, if so, who?

I’ve featured on a few mix tapes and EP’s. Artists such as Swift-le and K.Kis who are also working hard to bring you some fresh material… this space!

Have you got any videos on-line i.e. You Tube, Vimeo etc?

I’ve got a music video on You Tube and Vimeo called ‘New kid In Town’. Produced by a very talented up and coming producer called Troyboi and shot by an independent production company called Digital Rain Productions’. They are both a very creative bunch and are very innovative when it comes to ideas and originality, check them out!

What are the plans for the future?

The next step is to gig at every open mic show and get the name out there. Also to keep networking, writing and making good music and who knows, maybe ill be coming to a place near you real soon.

Thanks for your time, is there anyone you would like to shout out?

Id like to shout out Troyboi, Swift-le, K.Kis, Denali ink, Digital Rain Productions and the Cheekie Bugga Street Team for all their hard work and effort in spreading the word. Also the people who believe in me and show me 100% support…The fans!

Lastly please drop us your social links!

Click here to download Featuring Cheekie Bugga

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