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So yeh, I’m back with another semi-coherent article filled with grammatical errors and, a loose random subject that I will no doubt stray away from here or there. Take it or leave it…

If that awe-inspiring introduction didn’t fill you with the utmost confidence in my writing abilities, nothing will. Anyway, today I am going to be writing a blog post about blogs and the posting of them (oh what a post modern douche-bag I may have become). As always, this is a Hip Hop blog so the article (or rant, call it what you please) will be loosely related to the ever-so wondrous world of Hip Hop.

With this post I wanted to look at the plight of your average independent hip hop blogger, the some-what unsung hero in the world of real music and giving people a chance.

Personally I’ve hated using the term real music since people started thinking that acting like a complete and utter twat in front of a camera, to seem ‘ard, meant that their music was somehow real, but that’s neither here nor there. The reason I used the phrase is simply the fact that the general consensus amongst many Hip Hop fans is; the mainstream is full of watered-down/meaningless music i.e. fake music.

Another opinion that I have heard voiced among numerous people in the UK hip hop industry, from both fans and artists, is that the bigger, more mainstream blogs/websites/institutions, wont even listen to your music unless you have proper management and advertising (shout out BBC Introducing for genuinely supporting all independent music).

The obvious reasons for them to selectively listen to or promote artists would be time and resources – It takes time to listen to a song and someone has to be paid to go through the mail – so from a business point of view, it makes more sense to push the artist who is more likely to bring in a return, as opposed to the one who made the better song.

That’s all well and good, but what about the music? This is where your independent bloggers/websites come into effect. Since the majority of the smaller blogs/sites don’t bring in anywhere near enough revenue to live off, most of the bloggers and admins are working full time jobs to keep afloat, meaning, they’re running their respective websites purely for the love of the art.

These people, the one’s doing it for the love of feeling audio induced goosebumps, the one’s with a passion burning brighter than dying star, the one’s striving to find their next fix of rhythmic opiates. They’re the true Claude Makelele’s of the UK Hip Hop world.

They’re the ones putting a shift in, after putting a shift in, doing their utmost to make sure what they call good music prevails and talented artists are noticed but, often slip under the radar themselves.

Regardless of what is portrayed by a few deluded people, UK Hip Hop is still strongly considered a niche genre of music by the masses (a quick look on Google Trends will give you an idea of what I’m saying).

You may be asking yourself what the point of this observation is. Well, hold your metaphorical horses and I shall proceed to tell you.

My point is a simple one – support those who support the music you like.

By saying “support” I don’t mean just aimlessly going around and giving your money away. I mean SUPPORT them. Buy albums through their affiliate links, share free downloads via the independent blogs you read (instead of the more ‘known’ sites), participate in their polls etc etc.

I know it all probably sounds a bit convenient (reading about supporting independent blogs, on an independent blog, meh) but, I’m not talking about Black Budget Ent here. Lets face it, during 2014 this site has become quite dormant (through my own disillusion and wavering interest – that’s another story) while numerous other blogs continued to tick over.

I’m talking about the likes of Hip Hop Life & Times, and all the rest of the blogs who have been grafting away for years (there is way too many to mention them all). If we want our culture/society to continue to grow and retain its own identity we need to actively do our part as fans of the music.

Article by Just P

Twitter: @JustPUK

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