LOLO ft Giggs – Gangsters [Music Video] [US] [@LOLOMusic @OfficialGiggs]


Brooklyn, NY, based urban singer, LOLO, has hooked up with UK hip hop veteran, Giggs, to record an official music video to their collaborative track, Gangsters.

The brand new track features LOLO dropping a couple verses with her soulful and powerful voice, riding the upbeat instrumental perfectly. Giggs’ part on the track actually adds a-lot of depth to it and provides a great break in the music.

Gangsters is definitely a song that you need to listen to, LOLO’s powerful vocals pair up with the beat and Giggs’ guest appearance makes the track that little bit better.

The video to the song features numerous shots of each artist in urban environments, performing their lyrics to the song, it could of maybe featured more of a story but the song more than makes up for it. Check it out and discuss below.

Click to buy Gangsters on iTunes

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