Mixtape & Music Video Promotion for UK Hip Hop & Rap Artists


If you have recently released, or plan to release a mixtape or video in the near future, promotion is going to be something that you want to think about. With such a large influx of UK Hip Hop artists trying to ‘break through‘, standing out from the crowd is nigh on impossible – without a comprehensive promotional package targeted directly at the worldwide online Hip Hop community such as the that offered exclusively by Black Budget Entertainment.

At Black Budget Entertainment, we realise that marketing/promotion can come at a somewhat hefty cost, and that unsigned/independent artist’s generally do not have the funding or connections to get their music to the masses. We find this frustrating, as a lack of funds doesn’t mean a lack in talent, and we feel that UK Hip Hop fans are missing out!

With the above in mind, we decided to set up our own promotional service for UK Hip Hop emcees on a tight budget. Our service covers all the basic areas of promotion for a UK Hip Hop artist (mail-out, social sharing, text based interview & possible adspace) and starts at the low price of just £50!

Our website receives well over 10,000 page views from over 3,000 unique visitors a week and is rapidly growing as a UK Hip Hop authority, attracting the attention and respect of emcees and fans; other bloggers; UK broadcasters; and pretty much everyone else involved in the business!

Obviously, this can only be good for our clients – by having your mixtape or music video promoted by us it will literally be seen by thousands of people with a genuine interest in the art.

As we aim to help UK Hip Hop grow as a scene in general, we strive to achieve the best possible results with our promotional service – this means that we will try our hardest to get your mix-tape featured on as many blogs as possible!

We are dedicated to providing an efficient, affordable and effective service and welcome any suggestions, so please do feel free to inform us of anything you can think of that will help improve the service, or of any queries you may have about custom packages (E-mail to: blackbudgetuk[at]gmail.com)!

What You Will Get For £50:

• A text interview featured on our website

• A post about your mixtape or music video, which will stay online permanently

• An email blast to our mailing list of over 700 Hip Hop bloggers and fans (You must provide us with a press release – If you would like us to write your PR please do not hesitate to ask)

• A link to your mixtape or music video, in our featured slider, for 1 full day (add extra days for £5 per day)

• A Tweet, with the link to your mixtape or music video, to our 1,800 followers on Twitter

• A Facebook post on our fan-page, with over 2,100 ‘likes

If you are interested in using our Email promo service, please drop us an email to: BlackBudgetUK[at]Gmail.com and put “Email Promo” in the subject bar.