Black Budget Video Production


At Black Budget Entertainment we have been shooting music videos for a wide variety of musicians since February 2011. Since recording our first ever video we have been going from strength to strength; enhancing both our online fan base and video production techniques constantly.

Taking pride in our customer service, we ensure that our clients are kept up to date with their video’s progress 100% of the way.

Our service is carried out in six stages: Plan, Record, Rough Cut, Final Cut, Add Transitions/Effects then Colour Grade – During all stages we are consistently liaising with our clients to ensure their overall targets are met. To prevent our clients from being left in the dark during any of the production stages, we are always more then happy to export a demonstration, displaying the progress of the overall project at any particular stage.

When taking on a project we are always open to ideas and urge clients to give us as much input as possible to ensure we can properly realise their vision.

So far our ever expanding client base includes some of the UK Hip Hop scenes biggest names, such as: ShaoDow, Genesis Elijah, Mr 13, Ruthless and many more.

Currently we are geared towards providing an affordable service but are able to cater to all budgets, just shoot us an email and someone will respond to you as soon as possible.

At this present time we offer video production services to account for: Official Music Videos, Freestyles Videos & Interviews, Net & Street Videos, Kinetic Typography Lyric Videos and Live Event Recordings.

With that said, we are more then happy to listen to any ideas or projects that you may have in mind, simply ask us if we can do it and we will let you know!

To enquire about our video service please email us on: blackbudgetuk[at]