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Are you passionate about UK Hip Hop?Our website was set up to help the UK Hip Hop scene advance through our full dedication and passion

Do you want your articles to be viewed by thousands of UK Hip Hop fans each week?Our website is literally viewed by thousands of UK Hip Hop fans looking for the latest: reviews, interviews, news, rumours & more; every single week

Can you commit to writing an original article a month?We know that writing high quality articles takes time so all we ask is you commit to writing one original, high quality article, containing a minimum of at least 500 words, each month

If you answered yes to the questions above, we would love to hear from you!

As we expand our website and company we are reaching out to passionate fans of UK Hip Hop and inviting you all to join the movement.

As stated above, our website draws in a high volume of traffic, consisting of fans dieing to read the latest articles relating to the UK scene. Writing for us would provide you an instant audience for your original content and help to establish yourself as a blogger/writer online.

At present, we cannot offer any payment in the form of cash, but we can offer you payment in the form of promotion of your writing abilities through our website & affiliate links – If you are passionate about UK Hip Hop & writing, the audience alone would count as payment in some respects.

Should you choose to write for us, you will be free to write about what ever you like as long as it is: not deemed offensive/racist, and it is related to UK Hip Hop scene.

You would also be free to write as frequent as you like, all we ask is that you write at least one original, high quality article, containing a minimum of at least 500 words, each month. The reason we ask for you to write at least one article a month is to prevent dormant accounts cluttering up our web database – hosting is expensive!

If you are interested in becoming a writer for Black Budget Ent, please send us an email containing ‘Become a Writer’ in the subject line with: a relevant sample of your writing abilities and your name, to: blackbudgetuk[@]