About Us


Black Budget Entertainment (also known as BB.TV) was officially launched back in February 2011, as a website dedicated to promoting the UK Hip Hop/Rap scene.

The overall goal with Black Budget Entertainment was simple: provide fans of UK Hip Hop/Rap a place to keep up to date with everything from music video’s to mix-tapes, while providing all UK Hip Hop/Rap artists with a chance to get heard by fans of the scene looking for something new.

As we continue to grow as a brand and authority in the UK music scene, our aim is to continue providing unsigned, independent & talented people with a chance to be heard by a wider audience, without the backing of a major label, and a huge promo budget.

However, while still being dedicated to promoting underground artists, we remain just as passionate about promoting artists that have larger followings, its simple, if your music is good its good (and we want to promote it!).

Since starting out way back in 2011, we have been continuously striving to expand our website and the UK Hip Hop scene in general. With the aim of expansion in mind, we recently (mid 2013) decided to start posting Hip Hop music from all over the globe, to keep the main focus on the UK we have made a neat and tidy International Hip Hop section.

As Hip Hop is a way of life we aim to provide you with links and information on everything from urban outfitters to other UK Hip Hop broadcasters. If you think that your website or company should be listed on our site then please do not hesitate to contact us using: blackbudgetuk[at]gmail.com

(Please feel free to contact us on the above email address for any matters regarding Black Budget Entertainment including Music Videos and Reviews)