Chris Leese and R.O.B’s The Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Review


UK hip hop chris leese and beit nun the dirty rotten scoundrelsRight, for this album I will be taking a different approach to normal. My reasoning for this is, the album is “100% Pisstake” to quote Chris Leese so I am expecting a load of funny banter as apposed to the standard more serious style of rap.

The album starts off with a quirky, melody that sounds like it could be a played on a banjo. The two mc’s ride the beat well and have good chemistry on the track but do not really say anything that interesting or funny.

On the second track ‘Cider’ the beat keeps the quirky feeling from the first track and a suiting sample is added. Again the mc’s both flow well over the beat but I do feel that Chris Leese’s flow is bordering on nursery rhyming. I would say that this track is an improvement on the previous as it has more of an underlaying theme which both artists stick to.

I think that the artists lose focus on ‘Fuck Me’ opting for a generic topic as opposed to a more creative one. Saying that, both mc’s ride the beat like a wave to a surfer and I did manage to pick out a bar that made me laugh; “put my hand in her like sooty”. One thing that I will say about the hook on this track is that it really degrades Jane Ellis and whether or not they intended for a parody is beside the point as it doesn’t sound like one.

For ‘The Perverted Council’ The Dirty Rotten Scoundrel’s revert back to their comical style of rap, choosing a funky parodic beat. Both mc’s flow well over the beat and drop some funny bars but I would have to say that Chris Leese was by far the artist that stood out on this track.

‘The Indian Drugs Conspiracy’ is by far the best track on the CD so far, the beat is infectious and both Chris Leese and R.O.B absolutely destroy it. Both of them flow like a river but I would say Chris Leese edges it purely because of his aggression and energy.

I would say that ‘The Bastards’ is what I call a filler track – it makes up the numbers. Its not a poor track, it just lacks that something something to make it standout. All the artists involved flow over the beat but I feel it lacks a concept or may be the beat needs to be turned up.

I have to admit ‘All Shapes And Sizes’ made me laugh from the second I heard the sample to the moment it finished. Chris Leese’s style is perfectly suited to the beat and he sticks to the topic of the track well. R.O.B also brings a good flow but his voice lacks the energy of Chris Leese and sounds flat. Overall I must declare this as a quality attempt at a parodical track. Hats Off!

Maybe I share a sick sense of humour with The Dirty Rotten Scoundrels but ‘now your dog is deeeeaaadddd’ did bring a evil little grin to my face. Overall I would say that the track isn’t the best but it does have a funny hook and serves a purpose. I think that this track will be very hit and miss with the masses, some will piss them selves laughing and some will just skip it.

For ‘All Over Your Face’ I feel The Dirty Rotten Scoundrels have encountered the same problem as they did on ‘Fuck Me’, it just seems like they ran out of topics and opted for another track talking about sex in as vulgar way as possible. I can see this appealing to the younger generation although the content is probably not marketable to them.

The track ‘Smash The Place Up’ is the track that has the biggest hip hop feel on the CD, with a 90’s style beat and an aggressive hook it is by far one of the best tracks on the CD. Both artists flow over the beat but I do think it needs to be turned up a touch ad it is drowned out by the vocals. Again Chris Leese is the stand out artist of the track

Right, on ‘Dirty Rotten’ Chris Leese brings a disgusting flow, he absolutely kills it, energy, delivery and levels all impeccable. The one down side would be that it is quite hard to tell what he says at some points as it is ridiculously fast but thats just me. R.O.B also bring a matching flow that is a touch slower than Chris’s but it is still hard to make out every bar without listening for a second time.

To conclude, Chris Leese and R.O.B’s The Dirty Rotten Scoundrels album is a fair attempt at a parody style hip hop album. I say this as, while listening you get the feeling that both artists are extremely talented and can spit like a camel but you also get the feeling that they are both well above making flippant releases about ejaculating in the butt of pretty much any woman.

With that said I think that Chris Leese and R.O.B would be very well suited to the UK Hip Hop Horror Core scene if they were just a bit more serious when deciding what to rap about. I say this as the pair have clearly demonstrated they have no remorse in terms of lyrical content.

In my opinion the stand out artist of the album was Chris Leese, this is because he always seemed to bring much more energy to the track and his delivery was a lot clearer than R.O.B’s.

Overall I would say that this album is for anybody who is looking for something way out of the ordinary and not too serious but devoted hip hop fans may want to give this album a miss.


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