AC to Release Brand New Manga Comic Book Series [News] [@ACtheMC]


Legacy of The Sky vol 1: The Crying sky SagasTalented UK hip hop artist and versatile performer, AC, recently took time to create a Kickstarter account in an attempt to raise the funds for his joint venture project with close friend J.M Bishop.

The aims of the duo are to create a brand new comic book series focusing on the popular oriental animation style known as Manga. Should they be successful with their Kickstarter fund, the name of the first installment will be: Legacy of The Sky vol 1: The Crying sky Sagas.

Full details below:

We are producing and on going Comic/Manga book series, based on our novel Crying Sky. Manga style fantasy thriller.

We are raising funds to produce the first issue of this Manga comic, then in turn, we hope to produce it into an on-going series, with the aim of producing a motion comic and an animated series of this story in the future. Your help will help fund the first issue of our manga. The Manga will be 65 to 70 pages long, black and white (as is the manga tradition) with some special full colour splash pages included. We will be releasing it tri-monthly to begin with, available for digital download and in physical printed copies. We will be writing and illustrating the comic, and will be doing all the marketing and business operations ourselves. All pledges will go toward the upkeep of the team, manufacturing costs and rewards listed for the pledges. Any leftover money will be put towards the manga/comic legacyofthesky publishing/production company to help people with similar ambitions to our own to get their projects started. We aim to make the manga-style of art more popular in the western hemisphere so feel that a story written by a westerner like myself, with manga-style artwork, could cross cultural boundaries. As shown in the video above, I would write the script and AC would illustrate it. He has worked on a variety of projects, including doing storyboarding for the TV show ‘Skatoony’ on Cartoon Network, so with the funding we are asking for we can get this project completed to deadline, working on it on a full-time basis. The novel we produced earlier this year has garnered great feedback and some good reviews, so it has given us the confidence to move into a fully illustrated product!

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

As with any production of this kind, the main obstacle would be meeting the date of publishing due to the large work-load; however, working for Cartoon Network and other animations for the UK’s Channel 4 has taught us to work to tight deadlines and meet them, so this should not be a problem. Shipping could also raise problems, but as AC has been selling his merchandise online since 2005, he has had experience in this and we could respond to this issue in the appropriate manner. Another obstacle could be computer malfunction, but we have contacts with reliable computer repair people and engineers to address any issues that may arise. If any of the team became ill or incapacitated during the production period we know a large amount of artists and writers who could take over finishing the comic.

Click here to go to Kickstarter page

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