UK Editorial: The Weekly Round Up #1


We have decided to test run what will hopefully become a new weekly feature on, our ‘Weekly Round Up‘. The aim with the ‘Weekly Round Up‘ is simple; summarize the releases and events that have taken place on our website and within the UK hip hop community throughout the week!

So, with no further ado:

The Weekly Round Up: 29/8/2011 – 05/09/2011

This week has been a busy one for the UK hip hop scene with a flurry of new music videos, freestyle videos, rap battles and free music!

During the course of this week (29/8/2011 – 05/9/2011) we have seen our fair share of free music (Mixtapes, LP’s, EP’s etc) coming from the likes of USG‘s Don Jaga (4 My Niggaz MP3) & Mr 13 (The Redtape EP) plus more underground UK hip hop artists than you can shake a stick at! If you missed out on any of them make sure you get them now by checking out our ‘Free Music‘ section.

Since the start of the week we have seen a shed load of new UK hip hop videos featuring a wide variety of UK hip hop artists including Pound Sterling (Beast/Hardbody), Lowkey (Obama Nation 2 ft M1 & Black The Ripper), English Frank (SBTV F64 Freestyle), Wretch 32 (Album Breakdown), Joe Black (Im a Boss ft Kaz), Cerose (Dont Judge Me ft Joe Black & Exo) and enough underground UK hip hop artists to keep you entertained until our next ‘Weekly Round Up‘! To check out all the recent music videos click here.

The week has also been a busy one for UK broadcasters alike with DJ Gone posting up 3 new videos in the Epic Barz series, SBTV posting up a whopping 6 videos which included 3 F64‘s – From English Frank, Chipmunk and Squeeks. UK broadcaster Street Deciplez also managed to get in on the action knocking out 3 new freestyle videos, New Sound Era hit out a street video and a freestyle video while Chiba Flicks were busy on their grind pumping out 7 new videos for you all to feast your eyes on but Rap City takes the crown for most productive with a colossal 9 videos uploaded this week! We at Black Budget Entertainment also posted up two of our own videos including an Official Music Video from underground UK emcee AC and an interview with up and coming UK hip hop emcee Proverbz.

UK battle organizers Dont Flop Entertainment were also hard on their grind this week churning out two brand new UK rap battles for you all, including the quarter finals in the ‘Times Change‘ tournament between Suus and Jefferson Price.

Overall it has been a busy but exciting week for UK hip hop that has seen well over 40 new videos get posted on our blog alongside new mixtapes, interviews and more!

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