Review of Isaiah Dreads ‘Retro Boy’ EP [Review] [@IsaiahDreads]


808661250-1Independent UK hip hop artist Isaiah Dreads recently took time to notify us at Black Budget Entertainment of his latest official project, Retro Boy EP which is his sixth release and features six completely original tracks, including a remix of the popular title track Retro Boy.

For those who may not be aware, Isaiah Dreads is a young UK hip hop orientated musician from the South West of England that has been co-signed by some of the UK undergrounds biggest names (Logic, Peoples Army & more). While still only a teenager, Isaiah Dreads has been recognised for his musical talent and devoted work rate, he has been featured on a BBC show and has even been booked for this years Bestival festival.

Focusing on delivering thoughtful lyrics with original flows he has been marked as one to watch for the future so, we at Black Budget Ent thought we would review his latest release, Retro Boy EP.

Having not heard much from Isaiah prior to his Retro Boy music video, i personally wasn’t sure of what to expect from his current EP of the same name, it was evident he could spit, but could he hold down a release?

The EP starts off with a dramatically fitting introductory instrumental that instantly demands your attention, compelling you to listen on and see how it drops. When the track drops you’re faced with an equally dramatic arrangement of subtle piano keys and prominent electric guitars which perfectly set the tone for the rest of the song which, Isaiah matches with personal lyrics and a catchy flow which compliment the mood of the beat.

Following on from the introduction Isaiah ups the tempo, moving on to his popular track Retro Boy. As devoted fans of Black Budget will already know (the video was featured on the homepage, watch here), the high energy song boasts a fast paced instrumental that Isaiah rides effortlessly, while keeping a strong lyrical content.

Providing a drastic change in mood from Retro Boy, Isaiahs EP moves onto a chilled track, Visions. The beat to the track is made up of emotional strings, laid back keys and a gripping bass-line, all of which are perfectly placed, making a truly gripping instrumental. As I now expect after listening to the first two songs, Isaiah brings another string of meaningful verses which lead into the well sung hook brilliantly, once again Isaiah’s flow highlights the rhythm of the instrumental like a Stabilo pen.

The fourth track on the Retro Boy EP, Remember, carries over the vibe from the previous track, Visions, featuring a guitar based instrumental scattered with well placed high hats and vocal samples, Isaiah’s meaningful and honest lyrics combine with it to make a peacefully chilled track which is easy to listen to.

After the two previous laid back tracks the EP moves onto its fifth song, Say Yeah which, pretty much instantly slaps you in the face with a hard hitting bass-line, well placed trumpets and a snare that makes you want to nod your head till you feel dizzy. Isaiah’s flow and lyrics on the track really amplify the vibe of the whole song, combining to make a real banger. This is a track that needs to be played at full volume.

The Retro Boy EP draws to a close witha high energy remix of the popular track Retro Boy. Retro Boy‘s remix features the same pumped up pace brought in the original song while providing a completely different vibe, I could imagine the remix not being out of place in a house rave.

To conclude, Isaiahs Dreads’ Retro Boy EP is a release that is worth every single penny of the £4.74 asking price. Each track on the release has been thoroughly thought out and strategically placed, creating an overall project that anyone could be proud of, let alone someone who is still in their teens! My personal favourite tracks are Remember and Say yeah, though I did find it hard to decide between Remember and Visions.

I’d personally recommend this release to anyone who is a fan of good honest music, and will definitely be keeping my eye on Isaiah Dreads from now on.

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