Itch FM to Return! [News] [@ItchFM]


Indiegogo_Banner_300x250Itch FM is returning!

That’s right, during the beginning of July 2013 legendary urban radio station Itch FM will be returning after taking an extended hiatus from the scene back in 2007, due to issues with funding.

Since closing the popular radio station, the brains over at Itch FM have been focusing on a web based multimedia platform where, they can promote artists to their dedicated fan-base and work towards reopening the beloved radio station.

That time has now come, founders Trevor and Ezra have been working busy behind the scenes, setting up an online funding plan with IndieGoGo.

This basically means that when Itch FM does return, its success will largely be determined by a sort of ‘fan sponsorship’ scheme: “Their Indiegogo campaign rewards funders with various products and perks depending on their contributions. These range from contributors getting credited in the soon to be released ‘Itch FM: The Real Story’ documentary for £25, getting a special limited edition Itch FM t-shirt, plus the documentary credit for £55, to getting an invite to the Itch FM HQ, plus all the above for £150.”

Keep an eye out for their return and check out their funding page here: here

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