K Koke/Dappy Disagreement Continues [News] [@KokeUSG @TheDappy @TheGrimeReport]


As many fans of the UK rap scene will already be aware, UK rappers K Koke and Dappy had a somewhat public disagreement over the popular social network Twitter, back in November 2012.

For those who may not know, the said event happened shortly after K Koke was released from prison and Dappy tried to arrange a collaboration between the two emcees via Twitter.

Long story short, his attempts proved to be fruitless and somewhat comical with the USG front-man K Koke bluntly declining Dappy‘s proposition.


Hours later Dappy sent another tweet, again tagging in K Koke only this time stating he had been on the phone to the Stonebridge emcee and that the two would “make a monsta”, only to once again receive another straight talking response with the hash-tag #KokeWillNotHoller.


Since the mentioned tweets the whole subject had gone relatively quiet on Twitter, neither emcee mentioning the subject other than in interviews independent of each other.

However, on Tuesday 12th March 2013 and somewhat out of the blue, K Koke took to his official Twitter to reignite the feud with a short Tweet poking fun at Dappy‘s fans and stating the two do not have “beef”.

koke vsDappy

This was swiftly met with a response from Dappy which stated that Koke was not on his “level yet”, only for the Tweet to be removed as fast as it went up, fortunately The Grime Report managed to get a screen caption of it before it was deleted.

Dappy - K koke

As you can all imagine, this isn’t the end of the conflict but with Lay Down Your Weapons just being released I cant help but to think this most recent tweet is just part of a marketing strategy by the Roc Nation rapper.

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Pictures courtesy of The Grime Report

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