Yaeo on ‘Brandy Dreams’ his Influences and More [Interview] [@YAEO]


YAEOtlwHoody2PRFor those not in the know, Yaeo, is an underground UK hip hop emcee that spent his childhood traveling between Ket and London. He first came to the attention of the UK hip hop world back when he dropped his EP The Last of Tha Mowhaks, which featured UK hip hop legend Farma G.

Since then, Yaeo, has been working closely with North London’s F.L.I.P collective, while establishing both himself and his self created record label on the scene.

His latest release, Brandy Dreams, has been gaining the attention of UK rappers and fans alike and even has a feature from US rapper French Montana.

We at Black Budget Entertainment thought we would link up with Yaeo for a brief interview about his career and his latest release, check it out!

Tell us a little bit about yourself

This your London Wave boi YAEO who makes that important muzik!! Ive just released my street album ‘BrandyDreams’ which is available worldwide on iTunes and all that. The London Wave is the only UK movement thats co-signed by FrenchMonTanA and Max B. Get at me TheLondonWave.com

What made you choose the name?

My years as a graffiti writer.

What, if any, are the main influences for you when writing your music?

Rah i guess just that life i live out here.

At what age did you first decide to make Hip Hop music?

Id say ive been part off that Hip-Hop culture since birth, but musically my first release was ‘TheLastofThaMohawks e.p’ which was distributed in the legendary Kung-Fu flyer packs and featured Farma. G of Task Force and Skin from Skunk Anansie. That was in 2005.

What is the main theme behind your current release?

‘Brandy Dreams’ has got that rawness of a MixTape but also maintains the integrity of an album. Its a must have, google it!

How long have you been working on your current project?YAEOcrooksPR

Quite a while really because Ive had a lot of distractions and issues with the court system. But thats all in the past now!

Who features on production for your current project?

Youve got Max B on there recording live from jail. FrenchMontana, Cerose PDC, Wordsmiff, WaveGang, BiggaThreat, SuparNovar, Ruthless and QueenVic. Everyone brings there A game on ‘BrandyDreams’.

Have you got any other promotion in place?

My guy Tricksta getting them to take notice, but its a project that deserves a big impact.

Have you been on any live radio shows and what do you prefer, radio or live on stage?

Yeah done a lot of both but not for a minute – holla at me promoters we working!!

Have you featured on any other UK Hip Hop artist’s tracks, if so, who?

I havent really been one for all that but the requests are coming flooding in since ‘BrandyDreams’ blasted off, so i might have to start.

Have you got any videos on-line i.e YouTube, Vimeo etc?

Yeah i got movies out!! Check http://youtube.com/TheLondonWave.com and got two new videos dropping in a couple weeks. Gang4Life is gonna be a problem!

Have you been featured on any UK broadcasters like SBTV/Link Up TV’s YouTube channels?

Nah, i just spoke to one of those you mentioned this morning so we’ll see and shouts to my dargiee at rapcity!

What are the plans for the future?

My debut album entitled ‘The London Wave’ will be coming out!! And a new video section of the website called ‘WhatsWavy?’ – its gonna be nutz!

Thanks for your time, is there anyone you would like to shout out?

Yeah shouts to everyone who features on ‘BrandyDreams’ and my guy FrenchMontana for Co-Signing The London Wave movement! Free Max B and to all you pagans you will believe soon if you havent started to already!! lol Download ‘BrandyDreams’ and holla at me..

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For all Feature or Business enquiries email – TheLondonWave@gmail.com

Click here to download Brandy Dreams for free

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