Free UK Music: Squeeks – Totally Presidential (Mixtape)


squeeks totally presidential coverUp and coming UK hip hop emcee Squeeks has been busy dropping video after video recently and has now released his anticipated mixtape ‘Totally Presidential which is available for free download! The mixtape consists of 23 tracks and features from the likes of Benny Banks, Hunt, Joe Black and many others. Check it out and let us know if you like it below!



01. Squeeks – Stageshow (Feat. Emshey) (Prod By. Chris)
02. Squeeks – Never Gona Change (Feat. Joe Black) (Prod By. Dee Beats)
03. Squeeks – Fast Money (Feat. G Money)
04. Squeeks – I Know About (Feat. Fix Dot’M) (Prod. By Weezy Brown)
05. Squeeks – Love, Honour & Respect (Feat. Benny Banks & YMB) (Prod By. Levels)
06. Squeeks – Meet K (Can U Picture) (Prod By. Show N Prove)
07. Squeeks – What You Make It (Feat. Face & Benny Banks) (Prod By. Weezy Brown)
08. Squeeks – How We Do (Feat. Channy) (Prod By. Weezy Brown)
09. Squeeks – Let Me Know (Feat. Benny Banks) (Prod By. Westy)
10. Squeeks – Head Shot (Feat. John Wayne)
11. Squeeks – Fatal Attraction (Feat. Benny Banks) (Prod By. 2B3)
12. Squeeks – Nothing On Me (Feat. Frostie, Joe Black & Benny Banks) (Prod By. Westy)
13. Squeeks – Find The Time (Prod By. Cakes)
14. Squeeks – Go Away (Feat. Hipman Junky) (Prod By. 2B3)
15. Squeeks – Set Up (Feat. Bungz, Hunt & Lam) (Prod By. Professor Teka)
16. Squeeks – Gunz (I Dare You) (Prod By. Westy)
17. Squeeks – Promise (Feat. Benny Banks) (Prod By. 2B3)
18. Squeeks – Ride For Yours (Feat. Joe Black, Benny Banks & Margs) (Prod By. Westy)
19. Squeeks – I’ll Be The Man (Feat. Benny Banks & Hipman Junky) (Prod By. Westy)
20. Squeeks – Life That I Chose (Prod By. 2B3)
21. Squeeks – A Hundred (Prod By. Westy)
22. Squeeks – If I Fail (Prod By. Westy)
23. Squeeks – Daily Duppy (Feat. Propane & Hunt) (BONUS)

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