Offender [Official Trailer] [August 8th Release] [@EnglishFrank @OffenderFilm]


Here we have the official trailer for the impending urban UK film, Offender, which stars a whole load of UK talent, including: English Frank, G Frsh, Scorcher, Tyson Oba, Daniel Kendrick, Kimberley Nixon and Shaun Dooley.

The trailer makes it look like a well made film that we at Black Budget Entertainment will definitely be looking out for it. The official trailer descriptions is as follows:

Hot new talent Joe Cole ignites a masterpiece of explosive intensity in this powerful action suspense thriller. For Tommy Nix, his girlfriend and unborn child were his entire life, his reason for living. That is until one cruel day when they were brutally torn away, the collateral damage for a ruthless gang who pulled off an armed robbery-murder during the chaos of the London riots.

As the city swelters and burns around him Tommy is left with nothing but rage inside. Launching a one-man-war against those responsible he will stop at nothing, even incarceration, to deliver his own form of blazing justice. A man who has lost everything becomes capable of anything…

Click for the official Offender website

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