Tricksta – Out Of Darkness Cometh Light [Album] [Buy for £6.99] [@Tricksta @ParkStreetPR]


Today, 18th June 2012, prolific UK Hip Hop and PR mogul, Tricksta (Head of Park Street PR), has taken the digital world by storm, releasing his first ever official album: Out Of Darkness Cometh Light. This brand new, talent filled album features 16 completely original tracks with production from Tricksta himself and verses from some of the UK Hip Hop undergrounds biggest names, in: Genesis Elijah, Supar Novar, Cyclonious, Big Cakes, Sonnyjim, Iron Braydz and many more.

The album is available to buy online for the modest fee of just £6.99 from all the major digital music vendors, as usual, be sure to give this quality album a try, and let us know below if you like it!

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01 – Out Of Darkness Feat. Supar Novar, Cyclonious, LATE, Streetz & Deeze
02 – The Essence Feat. Iron Braydz, Genesis Elijah, TBear, Dubbledge, Supar Novar & K9
03 – Bars Feat. Size8, Yogi, Dubbledge, TBear & Serocee
04 – Fling Ya Hands Up Feat. Reload, Serocee, Grizzly & Sketchman
05 – Step Steady Feat. Cyclonious, Karl Hinds, Genesis Elijah & MCD
06 – Hip-Hop Feat. Big Cakes, Cobane, Shameless, Big Ben, Reain, LATE, Genesis Elijah, Phoenix Da Icefire & JabbaThaKut
07 – Third World Feat. Phoenix Da Icefire, Big Cakes, Cyclonious, Reain & Big Ben
08 – Death By Dishonour Feat. Iron Braydz, Scorzayzee & Ramson Badbones
09 – In These Manors Feat. Deeze, Conman, Streetz, Marc Anthony & Phoenix Da Icefire
10 – What’s The Point Of It – Feat. TBear, Twissman & Tenny Ten
11 – We’re Goin In Feat. S. Kalibre, Deeze, M.A.B, Deadline, LATE, D Gritty & Jai Boo
12 – For The Slums Feat. Wordsmiff, Big Ben & Supar Novar
13 – Big Figures Feat. TBear, Iron Braydz & Reload
14 – Think Positive Feat Logic, Cons, Big Ben, Shamless, Cyclonious & Quest Rah
15 – Strength In Numbers Feat LATE, Seanie T, Supar Novar, Inja, Double E, Sonny Jim, Cons, Joe Gutta, Conman & Taurus
16 – Life Is So Amazing Feat. Jai Boo, Deeze & LATE

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