Man with Bomb Takes Hostages in Tottenham Court Road [News] [@BlackBudget]


Today (Friday 27th April 2012), it was reported that a man in Tottenham Court Road has taken hostages inside a shop with threats that he has a bomb. The man, seen with up to six canisters strapped on his back, is reported to have walked into the office of a logistics company, in the nation’s capital, and taken four hostages – the company director and three sales staff.

The man in question, Michael Green, is reported to have failed his LGV licensing course three times and had apparently stormed the building in request of a refund.

A spokesman for Scotland Yard declared the man was NOT a terrorist and that this is not considered to be a “serious” incident, going on to state: “It appears at this stage that the man either has mental health problems or has a personal grievance against a company.”

With that said, there remains to be a high police presence in Tottenham Court Road. It is reported that the Metropolitan police have pulled in the service of: trained hostage negotiators, firemen and police snipers, all within a 300 meter, cordoned off area.

As the situation unfolds we will continue to provide you with all the information we have, until then, we have found some footage of the ‘Head of Training & Operations’ for Advantage (the company whose offices were invaded), Abby Baafi, describing the frightening scenes that took place in her place of work.

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