UK Hip Hop Review – Tenchoo ‘Scary Movie’


For those who don’t know, Tenchoo has been making a name for himself in the Dont Flop Rap Battle League, winning the Dont Flop Doubles and Battle Scars Championship’s back in 2010.

Since winning the two championships and making a name for himself in the Dont Flop battle circuit Tenchoo has hooked up with beat maker Haji to help shape the sound of his debut album ‘Scary Movie’ which I thought would be worth reviewing.

When I received the album in my email inbox I instantly thought ‘this should be interesting’, as I personally am a fan of Tenchoo’s style when battling and would like to see how he makes the transition from battling to making tracks.

From the start of the release you can instantly hear the quality in production from Haji and the depth in lyricism from Tenchoo, which to be honest is the least I expected from someone with such a status in the battle scene.

In my oppinion Extreme Power is one of the best tracks off the album, Tenchoo flows over the beat at the speed of a bullet and it is one of few tracks where he actually switches his style. As usual his bars on this track are on point and he drops some clever punchlines.

The Olda God Cypher and Nightmares are another two tracks that I feel stand out and demonstrate Tenchoo’s originality and ability to ride a beat. Nightmares is a complete BANGER in my oppinion everything about it is completely unique and represents UK hip hop to the fullest!

Overall, for a debut album with pretty much no promo or publicity and I gather on a small budget since its on an independent label, Tenchoos ‘Scary Movie’ is definitely more than worth the £5 to download it. It boasts 14 completely original tracks with flawless production throughout.

With this release Tenchoo has demonstrated that he is more than just a top UK battle rapper but also a talented mc that can hold down a track and ride a beat.

The one negative point I took away from the album was that Tenchoo didnt really use a very wide array of flows or styles but I feel that is something that can be easily improved as he coontinues to grow as an artist.


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