Jack Flash & Wizard – Progression [Review]


Jack Flash & Wizard - ProgressionFirst off this is a SERIOUS album. Personally I’ve been a fan of Jack Flash since I inherited a copy of the, Union Jack, album a few years back. This guy is technically incredible, and Wizard, well the track record speaks for itself. This is pretty much flawless all the way through, I don’t think there’s a single weak spot on this whole project.

The diversity between tracks is possibly the best point, there really is something for everyone, from old school heads to complete outsiders without a clue. I defy anyone to tell me they aren’t feeling this album, from the hard hitting ‘Snooze Button’ featuring Sonnyjim, Genesis Elijah & Stig Of The Dump, to the more laid back gentle vibe of ‘Tomorrow’ or ‘Go Back’ featuring Thabo, but personally its the absolute neck snapping beat on ‘Law Of The Jungle’ that’s got me right now, I’m about to put in a claim for whiplash!

The bottom line is this album has been very well made, and both Jack Flash & Wizard have shown why they are where they are. I’d strongly recommend you pick this up, a good purchase in my opinion.

Links to the album:

CD – Get on BandCamp here

iTunes – Buy on iTunes here

1. Intro
2. The Fire
3. Steamrolling
4. Law Of The Jungle
5. Four Letter F Word
6. Tomorrow
7. Midnight Runaway Train Ft. Thabo
8. Snooze Button Ft. Sonnyjim, Genesis Elijah & Stig Of The Dump
9. Where You’re From Ft. Hoodman
10. Go Back Ft. Thabo
11. Met You Before
12. Call It Ft. Lunar C
13. Last Man Standing

Review by Mark My Words

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