UK Music Video: Psychosis Holocaust ft Respek BA, Flex digits and Pseudonym – Meltdown (Produced By Wizard) [Guest Post]


Meltdown is a Track taken from my Debut solo album ‘END GAME’

End Game is a Hip Hop album, however rather than stick to a generic hip hop sound, I chose to sample many soundtracks and synths from 70s and 80s movies and games, giving the whole album a very retro feel.
I wanted the album to sound like it could be a movie soundtrack in its self, and although touching on street subjects, the subject matter and lyrical content featured are very much sci fi influenced, many of the tracks taking reference from comic books, movies and games with heavy descriptive imagery and story telling.

Although being a solo album, many of the tracks also feature guest appearance from other MCs from around the county, this track in particular ‘Meltdown’ Features Myself and Three other very well respected hip hop artists and Rap Battles MCs, all of them work closely with my Record Label Prison Planet Records, Their names are Flex Digits, Pseudonym and Respek BA, I worked with all these MCs on the first album I released and felt only right to include them on a collaboration track for my new album.

The instrumental featured also was produced exclusively for the Meltdown track, by Brighton Based Produced ‘Wizard’ Who is currently working with many big underground hip hop artists, such as Ill Bill from America.
With all 4 of us featured having very different accents and being from different parts of the north, Sheffield, Chesterfield, Darwen and Lancashire, with this track I wanted to show just how well the sound of northern hip hop can transcend amongst the more well known southern sounding UK hip hop scene, and I feel this was accomplished very well, Meltdown is a track we are all very proud off and believe it really showcases what the Northern Hip Hop is capable off.

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